Thursday, September 29, 2022

COVID in France?

All ready to travel during COVID

Since it first struck, we have been very careful about the COVID virus. We were among the first to get our vaccinations and we wore masks when shopping or when there were crowds. It really seemed to work; all those around us caught the virus and we escaped. Flying over here to France, we wore the best masks available on the plane and kept them on the whole time. We took a taxi to the train station and wore masks in the cab, and kept them on in the Train station and on the train. We felt we were being careful for ourselves and considerate to others since we had just arrived off a crowded international flight. 

However, we were really the only ones wearing masks once we landed in France. There were a few people in the train station, but I suspect they were newly arrived tourists like us. In fact, on the train, the two young men sitting across from us got up and found other seats rather than sitting with the two masked English speaking tourists. 

No masks here in Narbonne at all

Our first trip out to get supplies and groceries, was done with masks ready in our pockets, and we wore them in the stores and market. When our landlady arrived to greet us the next day she did not have a mask and when questioned about COVID, she replied, “No it is all over with here. No need for masks or restrictions!”

For the first few days, we did still take our masks, but when no one else is wearing them, it is difficult, so even Regis, “the cautious one” quickly seemed to forget her mask back in the apartment when we went out. After the first couple of days, we simply went with the majority of the populous here and went about our new French lives as if COVID was all over. In fact, today while walking down by the Market we did see a fellow wearing a mask and Regis commented, “When I saw him, my first reaction was that he must have COVID and is protecting others.”

No masks in Toulouse either

Now, when we head back to Canada in a couple of weeks, we will probably wear masks on the plane or at least have then ready, but so far we have had no issues, no coughs, no fevers, nothing, so all seems good, and I must admit it does feel good to go about your daily lives as if “Life is back to normal.”

SO . . . dinner inside out of the wind and rain is possible. 

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