Sunday, September 4, 2022

Settling In

When we travel, we tend to settle in one town for a month and explore around that area. We usually pick a town that is not a “tourist meca”, so it is more authentic to the area, and we see and experience the locals not the usual USA or British tourists (apologies to my American friends and my British ancestors). On this trip we are spending a month in Narbonne, a town in the south of France on the Canal de Midi and close to the Mediterranean. 

Art in the guest bedroom

A five hour flight to Paris, a 4.5 hour train trip to Narbonne, and a 15 minute walk (In the dark) to the Apartment on 13 Rue de Barcelone (No we did not accidentally go to Spain), and after travelling all night into a five hour time difference we were ready to settle in. It was dark when we arrived, so the apartment on a quiet street did not look especially attractive, but after a good meal at a local Irish Pub and a much needed eight hours sleep, we woke to an interesting 3 bedroom apartment in an ideal location with a lovely large outside patio area. Anything looks better in the light of day, especially when it is south of France sunshine bringing the light. 

Halles market

Because we cook rather than eating in restaurants every meal, one of the first goals is to find a market and a grocery store. The Market here in Narbonne is spectacular, a historic building with anything you might want, from fresh seafood to exotic spices, and it easily matches anything I have seen in any other city (and I am an expert in markets; ask Regis). A good grocery store is a bit harder to locate in many European locations, because the locals tend to shop in small neighbourhood stores, but we have already found one good spot in the area. 

After a couple of trips to stock up the fridge and cupboards we then start exploring the neighbourhood. Today we found the local craft market and a new French Panama (If that is possible) hat joined my wardrobe, and we began to view some of the sites of this interesting town. 

Loving this place so far!