Sunday, September 18, 2022

Narbonne at Night

Where is everyone?

Tonight we did something a bit different, and went for a walk after dark. From all we have heard, Narbonne is a quite safe town, and we have become very comfortable walking around the town even the tiny narrow back streets, but after dark we did not really know what to expect. Our idea was to walk down through some of the old streets to the central square and the palace and cathedral on the Canal. We figured they should be lit up and attractive after dark. 

We left the apartment around 8:00 PM, just as the sun was going down. Our first surprise was that literally nothing was open, even at 8:00 the shops were all closed and most restaurants were shuttered up tight. As well, the streets were pretty well deserted of people. We had most streets to ourselves on the way through the historical old town. 

The Archbishop's Palace

Finally when we arrived at the square a few bars and restaurants were open and there were some people about. As expected the Archbishop’s Palace and the Cathedral were nicely lit up and the tree-lined avenues along the canal was lit up and had most of the restaurants were open and busy. 

We wandered around a bit and finally settled on one of the restaurants for drinks and a pizza, to end an enjoyable evening walk.  

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