Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Out and About

When you spend a month in a foreign town, you can take your time exploring it and you do not have to rush to fit all the important sites into your schedule. If we were spending month in Paris, we might need a month to see everything important, but we usually stay in smaller towns rather than large cities. As a result we can take our time and leisurely visit all the historical and significant places in the town. 

 We spent two days just finding our way around, locating French patisseries for breakfast treats, finding the town’s markets, good grocery stores, and tourist information offices. Now we can mostly find our way around, the fridge is stocked, wine is on the counter or cooling in the fridge, so we can perhaps start exploring what the town has to offer. 

Well maybe in a day or so, since our landlady’s “English Friends” want to come to meet us and to help with phone connection issues, and she has invited us for coffee and to see her “French” house. Welcome to living ‘French style’. 

 Here are some general pictures of the town that I took while out and about “finding our way around”.
A very Cool Street Lamp

Church behind the market

I do not think this actually works

The Town Hall

Apparently this is not the Canal de Midi, it is the Canal de Robine which go to meet the Midi.

A back alley food truck

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