Friday, September 16, 2022

Art in the Park

When I knew we were going to Narbonne, I went onto Google Maps to familiarize myself with the route from the train station to the apartment, especially since we would be arriving after dark. The map, and ‘street view’ showed a round-about with a park in the centre as a good landmark on the way, “At round-about, take the second left”, and as we found our way around the town I often used this same landmark to guide me around. 

Today on the way back from a trip to the grocery store, I decided to actually cross the street and have a look at the park in the centre. It is actually a lovely little park, but the large trees around the perimeter do not allow you to see into the park from outside. There are comfortable benches scattered around, a fountain in the middle, a small children’s playground at one end, a public washroom, and gardens scattered about. As I explored, I found interesting sculptures made from natural materials at one end of the garden. There were some very fascinating creations here and I started taking photos of them. Then, at one end there was a sign explaining the art project. Local children had created the artwork from found materials from nature and they were intended to be displayed under the trees in the park. 

I never would have found this interesting art installation if I hadn’t made the decision to take this little detour through the park I passed daily. A good lesson; don’t pass things by, go explore and find out. 

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