Friday, September 23, 2022

Support Local

The local grocer

During COVID, the idea of supporting local business was a big thing, as many local businesses stayed open to provide services needed by people in the neighbourhoods, but to be honest “Support Local” is not really working in most places in North America, People seem to prefer shopping at Costco and Walmart to small local shops, and most neighbourhoods do not have many local shops. We do not have a butcher, or a bakery in our neighbourhood. Vegetables and fruit usually come from major grocery chains even though we do have a few fruit & vegetable stores around. The only bakery is a national chain, and there is one good local butcher but I have to drive to support her. 

Great pastries & bread always available

Here in France, support local actually works, because they have good local shops within walking distances selling anything you might need at competitive prices. We have a friendly butcher and a wonderful bakery just around the corner. There is a little neighbourhood grocery store selling most essentials, and he stocks some of the best vegetables we have tasted, and there is a pharmacy around the corner as well. And you can always get a French coffee at any of the little cafes in the area. 

My butcher was closed 

And if your local butcher, baker, or grocer is closed (they do sometimes have very odd hours), there is always another one a few streets away. Although there is a Dominos Pizza down the road, there is not McDonalds, Burger King, or Starbucks anywhere close, although I hear there are franchises in the suburbs. Here in Southern France we really are supporting local. 

The pharmacy is right around the corner

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