Monday, September 5, 2022

Our 'Home' in Narbonne

Welcome to Narbonne

On this trip, we are spending a month in the town of Narbonne in the south of France. The original plan was to do a canal boat trip on the Canal de Midi, and this town is on the Canal. We normally like to rent an apartment or house with a view of water, but discovered in Italy when we stayed in Lecce, that it was also nice to be in the centre of the old historic part of the town. We were unable to find an affordable spot with a view of the canal, so an apartment in the historic part of the town was our next choice. 

The Canal de Midi
Originally back in 2020 we had the Canal boat booked for a week and the apartment in Narbonne booked for a month, but then along came COVID and everything was put on hold. When we decided to try travelling again, we rebooked the boat, and then contacted the friendly woman who had the apartment we had originally booked. Unfortunately she had since sold that apartment but had two others we could rent. One was too far away, and the other was too big with three bedrooms on two floors. She was however anxious for us to rent one, so she offered us a good deal on the bigger but centrally located apartment which we decided to take. 

It really is a quite nice apartment although we only use the top floor. There is a bedroom with a walk in closet, toilet room and a shower room on the first floor along with a huge garage ( I could have brought my Alfa Spider with me . . .). On our floor there is a large living area, a nice “European” kitchen (Translation . . . small), two good sized bedrooms, a tiny toilet room and a nice shower room. Out back there is a huge private patio area with tables, chairs, and lounges, surrounded by stone walls and with two large shade screens. 

All in all, a very comfortable place to spend a month in France. Here are some photos of some of the interesting decorating features of the apartment. 


  1. Wow! That looks like a great spot!

  2. Dang. Sure wish I hadn't blown my vacay budget for this year! I'd be there in a heartbeat!