Sunday, July 2, 2023

On The Road Again

Packed and ready to go
Well, we are into the last segment of our cross Canada adventure of 2023. We flew to Vancouver to spent some quality time with the West Coast sister and her husband and you heard of the amount of walking and hiking we did there. When she got tired of us she loaded us into a helicopter and sent us across the strait to spent a couple of days with old friends from the East Coast living out there. Next we boarded VIA Rail’s Canadian and traveled through the mountains, across the prairies and through Ontario to Sioux Lookout where we drove north to the First Nation reserve where my daughter had been working for eight years so we could help her pack up and come back East again. A week of  . . . .

“I want to keep that . . .”

“Throw that away . . . .”

“Give that to  . . . . .”

“Pack that carefully . . . .”

“OMG I forgot I even still had that . . . . .”

On the road

We had a nice shiny 4 X 4 Toyota Truck that was towing a speed boat, and a trusty twelve year old Toyota Matrix that had already proved it’s ability by moving her up there eight years ago that was going to be reattached to a UHaul trailer loaded with as much stuff as we could jam in. Other items would be put in the boat under the boat cover, packed in the back of the truck, and under the hatch of the Matrix. The pile of stuff sorted to go was stacked in the living room and there were questions about where it would all go. However, Alisha’s husband Derek kept assuring us it was all going to fit, and in the end he did indeed get everything in; a little tight, but everything had a place.

Oh, did I mention there was a large adopted “Rez” dog Mochi and a cat who was not used to car travel. Mochi was used to travel and is a pleasant passenger and Bob the cat was medicated, so we had to find place for them as well. 

Relaxing by the lake

The first stop was at Derek’s dad’s lovely house on the lake outside Thunder Bay and Regis was even tempted for a nice relaxing swim in the lake. 

The next day we were up early and under way for eight hours to Sault Ste Marie, but with a smoker who is not allowed to smoke in the truck, an old guy with prostate issues, two ladies who loved water, and a twelve year old matrix towing WAY too a heavy a load, this eight hour drive extended into ten hours. 

Next stop is Peterborough where we need to exchange the UHaul trailer for another exactly the same UHaul trailer (A complicated story), and then on into Quebec, New Brunswick, and finally after seven days on the road we will get home.  

Bob the cat has a break

Looking at the world through a windshield

Lake Superior Views