Saturday, October 1, 2022

New Digs

Welcome to Argens-Minevois

Today we left the apartment in Narbonne and we are now in a little town called Argens-Minevois which is where we pick up the boat on Monday for the week-long canal boat trip with Ryan & Ben. As often happens, “kindness of strangers” played a part in making this part of the trip easy and stress free. Argens-Minevois really is a little town and our original plan was to take the train from Narbonne to a train station about 6 km out of town. We would have then had to take a taxi to the B & B where we were booked for two days while we wait for “the boys” to arrive from London. However, our host in Narbonne offered to drive us, and then our new French friends said they would drive us. Then when Regis was arranging things with the B & B host here, she also offered to come get us in Narbonne. I call them strangers, but actually we have gotten to know them all even if just through digital communications. 

Communicating with Google Translate

Our host in Narbonne, Patricia, was the one who drove us here this morning and we were able to do an early check-in at the B & B. Our host here, Martine, does not speak English, but we managed to communicate just fine and she allowed us to use a fridge in her garage to store food we brought from Narbonne since the only store in town has closed for the season. When we asked about a taxi to actually get to the boat since our luggage has grown with the addition of food, she quickly offered to drive us and when we said we needed to find out about a taxi for Ryan and Ben on Monday, she said that was not needed as she would go and get them as well. 

Our B & B

Our B & B here is a large new house in the French style, so quite different from the older house in Narbonne and it sits on a beautiful property bordering on the Canal de Midi. AND Regis is happy that it has a pool out back, although Martine could not understand why anyone would want to swim when it was “TOO COLD”. Regis however felt the 24ÂșC was just fine for swimming.

The town itself is very small and it only took us 15 minutes to explore it completely. The only market is closed and only one of the three restaurants in towns is still open. We did visit the Winery owned by the people who run the B & B and got a couple of bottles of local wine to take on the boat. 

So, unless something really interesting happens tomorrow, this is probably the only post you will get from this location. Stay tuned for canal boat posts later. 

Even little towns have cathedrals

It is not too cold . . . .

Finally the Canal du Midi

We will be headed down here Monday

Old wine making equipment I think.

A nice door in the town

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