Friday, October 7, 2022

Now that is a CASTLE!

We are doing about forty five km up the Canal du Midi, and it is taking us Three days to cover that distance. This really is “slow travel”. At a town called Carcassonne Ryan and Ben are leaving us to explore some more of France on their own and we will turn back to Argens-Minervios. 

The highlight of the town of Carcassonne is a massive castle which protected the town way back in the days of knights, Romans and other medieval folk, and it has been “imaginatively” restored. I think that means they restored the castle and fortifications to close to original and then recreated the town within the walls to be able to allow modern business and shops to rent locations and help provide revenue. Seems like a good compromise to me. Rather than describing the castle I will just post some of the great pictures I took while exploring the castle. 

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