Friday, October 7, 2022

Cruising the Canal

This is not what we saw
If you do an Internet search of the Canal du Midi, you will likely get a picture of the canal with beautiful rows of plane trees (That is a species of tree; not just boring trees) on either side. Those pictures are likely from years ago because at least on the section of the canal we traveled most of these trees are gone. During the second world war it is felt that a disease was brought from the US in ammunition boxes that has slowly infected most of the plane trees and they have had to be cut down. All the way along the canal these days you see replanted trees of different species that will replace the plane trees, but it will be many years until the beautiful tree lined canal will return. 

However, it has still been a beautiful trip with spectacular French scenery. The canal is very well maintained with a nice bike/pedestrian path alongside the canal which we see a steady stream of vacationing bikers using. 

Here are some photos to illustrate our journey (45 km) up and down the Canal du Midi.

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