Sunday, June 24, 2018

Messing about in Boats

launching the boat
Remember that quote from “Wind In the Willows” about “Messing about in boats”? Kejick Bay is on a large lake and everyone has a boat. Well almost everyone; Alisha & Derek did not have a boat . . . YET.

When we arrived Derek was pleased to show me a boat with a 20 hp Johnson outboard on it. Nice, except the outboard did not work, and the boat had not been in the water for years, and designed for a motor controlled with a wheel and remote forward controls, while the outboard was a simple tiller model.

This looks like it needs work
The outboard was purchased in an “As-is” condition and was not pumping water, so needed a rebuild. Fortunately I have a friend who can fix anything on speed-dial, and he gave me advice on what was likely needing repair. I pulled everything apart discovering a seriously damaged water pump so with a new impeller and a couple hours cleaning up the housing, I was able to rebuild everything and get it back together. A few more adjustments and a big garbage can of water proved
everything was working as it should.

The boat was a good solid aluminum 14 foot model, but the wooden transom was in bad shape and was not going to hold the motor. A morning in the front yard had all the rusted screws extracted and the rotten wood thrown on the fire-pit. New plywood was cut and attached with nice shiny bolts and screws, and the rebuilt motor fitted. It all looked good.

Now this is a good working boat.
Now if only we could find a car and a trailer that would fit together to get the boat to the lake. After a borrowed trailer, and trailer ball, we got the boat to 'Archie's Landing” and into the water. Derek took a quick celebratory lap around the causeway bay and proved everything was working as expected before coming back to take us out for a ride.

Yes, here I am once more “messing about in boats . . . .”
The confident chief engineer - he knows the engine is GOOD!

The passengers - not so much!

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