Tuesday, June 26, 2018

High Beach

Finding High Beach

Kejick Bay is actually an island. It used to be a Bay until the lake was flooded. As I walk around the community It seems to be mostly sand. I have yet so see any solid rock anywhere. I think I discovered the entire island is composed of sand.

There are two nice sand beaches the community use. Yes, in tropical Northern Ontario it seems that although they have a brutal winter, they also have a nice hot summer and people are already swimming in the lake here. The main beach is called “low Beach”, and it is a regular sort of beach, with sand and driftwood. You get to it down a short road/path off the road into the community.

The other beach, as you might have guessed, is called “High Beach”. I had heard about this spot, and Alisha had insisted that I had to go see High Beach; it was pretty amazing. So, on a morning with no chores to do – the boat was in the water, and Derek was doing drywall (Not my best skill), Alisha dropped me off at a path leading into the forest, pointing up a hill. Her only instruction was “Don't go
down to the lake, or you won't get back up.”. Confusing instructions since I thought I was supposed to go see this beach.

The path was a well worn but twisting route through a forest of mature red pine trees. After a couple of minutes, I came out into a clearing in the forest with tall pine trees and a sandy beach. Walking to the edge of the clearing, I peered down at Lac Seul. I was standing on a beautiful sandy beach 100 feet above the lake. A steeply sloping incline led down to the shore of the lake. I now knew why she warned me not to go down to the lake. Climbing up a 100 foot sand dune would have been a difficult task.

As you walk around the community there is sand everywhere, but the community is on a lake so you do not think so much about it, but standing on sand 100 feet high you cannot help but be awed by how this island was formed. This area must have been part of an ocean or a desert at one time and all this sand was deposited here over eons many many years ago.

Alisha was right, High Beach really was amazing. As I stood in the sand overlooking the spectacular views out over the lake, I had to agree that this is definitely a “Must see” location in Kejick Bay. Later the same day I got to see the same sight from a boat out on the lake as we searched out a good fishing spot, and it was as spectacular from that viewpoint.

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