Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Day in Thunder Bay

Kakabecka Falls
On the way to visit our daughter in Northern Ontario, we have been stopping to meet the future In-Laws, and Derek's dad and his wife live in Thunder Bay, which was also a convenient stop on the trip. We arrived in time for a meet & greet evening meal and then the next day, we were given a tour of the city of Thunder Bay.

The first stop was Kakabeka Falls just outside the city. This was a truly spectacular waterfall with trails and viewing stands all around. An especially nice feature is a walking bridge just above the falls allowing you to see them from above. I took lots of photos, but no photo really does a waterfall justice. Apparently a native legend says a native princess who was captured by a rival band lured an invading party of warriors over the falls to save her band from probable defeat.
The falls from above

Next we visited a cheese farm/factory making amazing Gouda. We have an excellent gouda cheese master back in Nova Scotia, and I hesitate to switch loyalties, but I think this cheese is better. BUT it could just be because they have so many interesting varieties. Imagine cumin & cloves gouda? Delicious. The biggest problem was deciding which ones I wanted. I think we left with six different packages. I hope “That Dutchman” doesn't find out.

A trip to a look-off on one of the native reserves provided a wonderful view across Thunder Bay and a perfect spot to see the famous “Sleeping Giant” land formation across the harbour which we missed on the trip up in the fog and rain. And, we did not have to climb to the look-off; there was a paved road right to the top.

Thunder Bay waterfront
A drive into Thunder Bay proper brought us to the Marina and the waterfront. I always admire cities that resist the temptation to allow big hotel chains or luxury condo developments to have exclusive waterfront access, and Thunder bay have done their waterfront nicely with a Marina, parks and lots of public spaces that allow everyone to enjoy the waterfront. Those exclusive condos are right across the street and still have lovely waterfront views.

Even the birds enjoyed it.
By this time I was getting pretty tired, and I felt I had seen a lot of this city, so a stop at a local watering hole was in order for a beer and dinner.
The Sleeping Giant

Thunder Bay from the look-off


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  1. You buying cheese ... stopped me, in mid sentence.
    ThunderBay isn’t someplace I have ever thought to visit.
    You did a fine job of presenting it as more than just a place to drive past on your way to somewhere... more interesting!