Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Dogs of Kejick

Oh, I'm sorry did you need this truck?

Although I think I am slightly allergic, I love dogs, and discovered that I do not have to actually own a dog to enjoy them. I have friends who seem to be willing to lend me their dogs and that works great. Kejick Bay has some great dogs, and sitting around a fire one night I got to meet a lot of them.

When Alisha first moved to Kejick she was concerned about the number of seemingly feral dogs wandering the neighbourhood, but fortunately she met a dog named Bear who convinced her the dogs of Kejick were okay. With a name that suited him, bear was a big dog, but Alisha discovered he was really a big teddy bear, and I heard about him through e-mail and facebook. She also discovered that the people in the community have made a conscious decision to only allow dogs that get along with people.

Now that I am in Kejick I have started to meet these amazing dogs. First I met “Drea” who was a rescue from a fly in community. Although she was supposed to be wary of men, all it took was one dog treat and she was my friend. Than I met “Nibbles”, who looked like the “not so friendly” Egyptian street dogs, but was an amazing friendly dog, and he also became my friend. Nibbles is the alpha dog in the neighbourhood, and every other dog except Buddy (more about her later) cow-tow to him even though he is almost 10 years old. When Nibbles barks and takes of on a tear, every other dog follows. Who names their dog “Nibbles” when he is the Alpha dog? Obviously his name among his dog friends in his pack is something “Butch”or “Killer”. It's a good thing dogs don't actually understand our language.

Hey mister . . . pet me please! (not Buddy)
I had heard about “Buddy”. She was the talk of the firepit when people realized I was a “dog person”. I was told she was really not a dog, she was half wolf. Apparently one of her owner actually had her DNA tested and sure enough she is half wolf. One night sitting around the fire someone noticed her walking by, and called to her. Although the Kejick dogs seem almost feral and wild, they have names and answer to them. Hearing her name, Buddy and a couple other dogs running with her immediately turned and trotted over to our firepit. She brought “Magic” with her along with “Surviver”. Buddy is a massive dog of almost pure white and she does look like a wolf, but she is gentle as a puppy. Her tail wags and she demands your attention, but then a 120 lb wolf/dog does get your attention. Nibbles does not like her however and was not happy with her intruding on our gathering, but with Buddy's size and heritage, she literally does not care. No one messes with Buddy and she knows it, even if “She” cannot be Alpha dog, she is in a category of her own.

Alisha tells me that the people of Kejic will not allow any dog that even growls at a child to live in the community and dogs that do not get along with people get shot. It sounds cruel, but the dogs of Kejick are amazing; they are friendly and love people. I saw a little two year old baby toddle over and maul a dog laying in the sand outside the school. She pulled his ears. Stuck her hand in his mouth and twisted his paw, but he just lay there. Yes, I have come to like the dogs of Kejick Bay.

These are all the pictures I have of the dogs, but I will add more when I get them. 

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