Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wind on the Gulf

Visiting Debbie
Today we drove to Gulfport to visit an old friend. I taught her son in grade one when she helped me rescue a Christmas Concert, and Regis has book club with her.

Although it was a HOT 33° at one point, there was a strong wind blowing in off the Gulf, so it made for a pleasant day. After visiting and going out for a lunch on the waterfront, we headed back to Lakeland via the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The last time we crossed this beautiful bridge it was to discover everyone in St Petersburg wearing wool hats and gloves when we came for a few “Beach Days” during March Break many years ago. Needless to say we did not spend much time on the beach that year.

Today as we crossed the causeway leading to the bridge we noticed a large group of Para
A good Day for sailing
surfers enjoying the windy day. We found a convenient access road to the beach and we were able to stop and watch them up close. It was really interesting. They would stand in the water’s edge with their kite high above them, and when they found a free area of water, they swung the kite and took off across the water out into the Gulf. Some of them allowed the kite to lift them high into the air where they spun and then came back down, skimming the waves.

One of the most amazing kite surfers we were told was a 14 year old, but Regis did wonder why he wasn’t in school (Once and Vice Principal – always a vice Principal).

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