Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Singing Tower

Listening to the Bells
Singing Tower
The Bok Tower Gardens are located in central Florida on one of the highest points of land in the area. Although it is called Iron Mountain, it is actually more of a hill, but for Florida it provides a beautiful location for this National Historical Landmark. Built by Edward W. Bok the publisher of Lady’s Home Journal, the tower and surrounding gardens were built in the 1920’s. The 250 acre site contains many different gardens containing rare and endangered Florida plants, and trails and roads allow you to wander through the site.

Although not originally part of the gardens, a neighboring estate
built by Charles Buck of Bethlehem Steel as his winter get-a-way has been added and it was an excellent guided/self-guided tour. This Mediterranean style mansion is spectacular, with hand carved doors, all different as well as a different patterned tile floor in every room. One interesting feature is the main staircase which has a different hand-painted tile pattern on every stair riser. As we are down here in Florida escaping the cold north, it was interesting to see how the rich and famous “snowbird”.

Main Stairway in Pinewood Estate
The centerpiece of this beautiful garden is the 205 ft. Singing Tower. Made of different marble the tower has a pink tint, and contains beautiful sculptures and art-deco windows allowing the music from a 60 bell carillon to reach most of the park twice a day. Pools, including a reflecting pond that allows the entire tower to be reflected in the water surround the tower. Originally Mr. Bok wanted Pink flamingos living in the park to coordinate with the pick marble, but they were unable to survive the cold of central Florida.

Surrounding the tower are numerous comfortable benches allowing guests to sit and enjoy the daily concerts by world renowned carillonneurs. On our visit we got to hear Polish carillonneur Anna Kasprzycka. A very pleasant way to spend a beautiful Florida afternoon; sitting in a garden with carillon music drifting through the trees and flowers.
Beautiful Palm in the garden

Part of the Children's Garden
Beautiful Tile Floors in Pinewood Estate

Wildlife in the Garden

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  1. Ah ... you truly make me miss Florida! Although we've had a day of sun here, the heat is what I'm really missing! Too bad you can't add audio to the blog. I'd have loved to hear the bells!