Saturday, April 22, 2017

Friday Night Fish-Fry

Just across the road outside the gate for the Park here in Lakeland is an American Legion, and we heard that they had a pretty good Fish-Fry every Friday night.

Fish-Fry at the legion
One day at the swimming pool while chatting with some other residents, we asked about this event and got some difference of opinion.

“Make sure you get take-out; otherwise you will have to come home and burn all of your clothes! That place is SO smoky!” one lady said rather dramatically.

That however was not the only opinion. “Nonsense, it’s a fun place and the fish-fry is excellent!” responded another swimmer who then added “Crazy woman!” as she turned and got out of the pool.

Well, with such a diversity of reviews on the fish-fry, our only option was to go give it a try. First we stopped in to check on timing and discovered that although the legion was a “Smoking Location”, it did have a “No Smoking” room, so our clothes might survive the event. As well we discovered that following the Fish-Fry there was entertainment with a
country singer.

Timing our arrival to take advantage of both the dinner and the singer, we discovered the place was very busy and Regis asked if she could sit beside two men at the end of one of the tables, and was given permission so long as she got rid of me. Fortunately these guys were actually friendly aging bikers and once they discovered I rode a motorcycle we all got along just fine.

The fish-fry was excellent and the entertainment was great. Aggie (Regis’ mom) would have loved it. Unfortunately, we enjoyed it TOO much and stayed long enough that the gates were closed when we tried to get back into the park. We had forgotten to bring the remote and had to stand around looking like friendly Canadians and wait for another resident to come out and open the gate – the downside to a gated park.

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  1. You'll have to remember to carry that gizmo in your bag, Regis!