Thursday, April 6, 2017

Outside the Fence

A nice sturdy wall
The house we are renting is located within a “Gated Community”, so although there is no armed guard at the entrance, it is completely fenced and is a nice safe, secure community. It seems to me that everyone feels comfortable here, and folks are out walking at all hours, and everyone gives you a wave and a friendly greeting.

However, as we sit out in the lanai sipping a cool beverage, we look across the street and can see behind the houses there to dwellings outside the fence. I could not help wonder what was behind the fence. The dogs should have given me a clue . . . . There are lots of dogs here in the park, but there must be some by-law limiting their size, because they are all friendly little things, while I can hear dogs occasionally from outside the fence and they all sounded a lot bigger.

The Common Theme outside the Fence
Today with nothing serious planned, I set out to actually see what was outside the fence. I walked out to the entrance, exited at the gate and went along the front wall/fence to the road running down alongside the park. The road started out paved, but quickly regressed into a dirt track. There was a strange mix of houses, mobile homes and deserted properties. The common theme was “NO TRESPASSING” and “BEWARE OF THE DOG”. On my walk, I met a few of those “outside the fence” dogs behind sturdy fences or chained out front, and they all made a point of reinforcing the “No Trespassing” signs on their fences.

My curiosity satisfied, I now know what is outside the fence, and I am happy to sit in the lanai with my beverage and wave to the other residents going by in their golf carts, and pat their friendly little dogs when I walk around the park.

Not our Rental!

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  1. Yup, I agree. We're quite happy to sit and contemplate the "Outside the Fence" lifestyle. The residents often refer to this 'other' world ... Never with a less than derogatory mein...