Saturday, October 4, 2014

People Watching

Taken by a nice German Couple
A friend once told me that the best thing about travel is the interesting people you meet. I am not quite as outgoing as he is, and although I have met some great people on my travels who I have been able to add to me growing “friends” list, I am in reality more of am observer of people than a “meeter” of people. I tend to observe rather than involve, and if not for Regis I might not meet anyone.
No Idea what this was about?

I do love to watch people however, and here is a story of someone who I observed on this cruise.

This lady did not seem nice at all. She was a stern looking lady who I judged was of Italian heritage. She had mobility issues and used a walker to get around and really did not look like she was enjoying herself. It looked like most activities caused her pain. I admired her for her tenacity in doing as much as she could, but I did not actually meet her or speak to her. She seemed to be traveling with family members and stuck pretty much to them. In addition her stern looks and the general lack of a smile did not make her a person I was interested in starting a conversation with. She did not look like she was getting much fun out of the cruise at all.

Then one night there was a concert put on in the lounge. Something about “The Music of Europe, from “The Danube to the Adriatic Sea”. Not exactly something I was keen on, but there was nothing else on, and the night was still young, so I said I would go.

Four young performers, three singers and a very talented piano player put on the concert. They sang opera, not exactly my “cup of tea”, but they did manage to make it entertaining and funny. They really did put on a good show.

1 Euro Beer and People watching
Then I noticed the lady mentioned above. She started singing along with the first song. One of the performers came over to her and she sang with them. She was completely enjoying the concert. She knew almost every song, and sang along to most of them. I actually thought she might have noticed me watching her and became a little self-conscious so stopped singing at one point. However she could not restrain herself on the next number and I could see her mouth moving to the remembered words. She seemed to be completely enjoying herself and this was the first time I saw her really smile and look happy.

I stopped her the following day and told her how much I enjoyed seeing her singing along with the songs. I said I was amazed that she knew every word. I got another smile out of her and she said “Oh yes I love those songs, I wish they would do more concerts like that.”

I think she was enjoying the cruise more than I realized.

Then there was the fellow who spent the entire concert playing solitaire on his phone . . . . . . “people watching” is so much fun!

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  1. Yup ... I love watching people. They're quite fascinating creatures, really. I love to try to figure out what their stories are ... and often wonder if they're watching me?!?!?