Thursday, October 16, 2014

Margaret Island

Margaret Island paths
Budapest is a huge city, capital of Hungary, and it has many parks scattered throughout the city. Like most big cities Budapest has one major park, intended to provide a recreation facility to the city. This park is called Margaret Island or Margitsziget. In the 13th century, King Bela IV swore that if God would save Hungary from the invading Tatars he would dedicate his youngest daughter to the service of God. Hungary was saved, and Margaret became a nun on the Island. She found she quite enjoyed the life, and refused when her father tried to “rescue” her later. She became St. Margaret, lived and died on the island and her tomb is still there.
Waiting for Regis . . .

The Monestery
The island is ‘technically’ automobile free except for one end where the hotel is, but as with most of pedestrian zones or areas where vehicles are not allowed, there always seems to be some way around it, and cars are only lessened, not banned. You can rent bicycles, multi-person pedal vehicles, or even “The Villages” style golf carts, so although a pleasant place to walk or run, you still have to watch for vehicles.
Admiring the Statue

The island is a wonderful place to run, and has a proper soft surface running track all the way around, and we saw many runners making use of this. As well, there are paths through every part of the island. There are some small gardens, and a large rose garden in the center, but mostly it is lovely treed walkways. Along the way you can visit a ruined church, the ruins of Margaret’s Abbey, and one complete standing church.

We spent a lovely afternoon wandering the island, and as we were leaving we got to stop and watch the musical fountain to a Rolling Stones song in English.

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