Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Life In Budapest

The View out the Window
The River Cruise finished, we are settling into our two week stay in Budapest. The cruise was a great way to arrive in the city, because we had almost two days on the boat in Budapest, including a bus and walking tour of the city, and some casual exploring of our own. As a result we had a pretty good idea of what was here, and were not coming in cold.

Doing the Wash after the Cruise
The apartment was a 20-minute walk from the boat, even dragging our suitcases over cobbled streets, and the ‘agent’ for the apartment warmly greeted us. The apartment is absolutely everything we expected. It is a good size for the two of us, and even when guests from Egypt arrived for a couple of days we were not crowded, and the view out the window is amazing, especially at night. Fortunately the original windows have been replaced with actual thermal windows and in the old stone building, block out the noise of the city when we want – the Budapest Police seem to really love their sirens.   

Our Home in Budapest
The Central Market is only a ten minute walk in the other direction, and we can get anything we need there, lots of fresh vegetables and meat stalls. We have already started to overdose on dishes made with Hungarian Paprika, Chicken Paprika, Hungarian Goulash & Paprika Squash soup.

Hungarian Paprika Soup
As well we have discovered that the apartment is in the central core of the city and there are so many attractions nearby, that we will never be able to see everything even in two weeks. We have already gotten lost twice just meandering the neighborhood streets. Fortunately it is always easy to find the river so we have always been able to find our way home.

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  1. Picturing you lugging your suitcases over cobbled streets really brought back memories of Olhao!
    The thoughts of the wonderful markets only 10 minutes away brought back MUCH better ones, though. Wish we were there!