Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bridge Out!

If you read the previous entry called "Off the Beaten Path", you know that we ran into (well not literally) a detour around a bridge that was absent. Yesterday we found another.

We were aiming for Columbus Ohio to visit some friends from our last cruise, Herbie & Rosalie. We had found a campground, but it was 30 min. Outside of Columbus. There was another closer, but the reviews were of the "worse campground ever!" variety, so we took the 30 min. Drive over the "fecal matter in the showers".

We knew about where we were going, and Regis had our route pretty well planned, but the GPSs were very confused. We arrived at an intersection with a little green picture of a trailer (usually indicating a campground), and an arrow pointing left. One GPS wanted us to go that way. Regis' route said we should have gone right, and the other GPS said to turn right. We have come to trust Regis' navigational skills, and the GPS that agreed with her had the updated maps, so we went right.

Three more turns through lovely rural Ohio countryside, but no signs for the campground.

Then the GPS wanted us to turn onto a road "Closed to all but local traffic". The GPS said the road to our "destination" was in 800 m, and the sign said the road was closed in 1000 yards. Ok, now how does the metric to imperial work? Was our next turn just before the construction or just after?

Oops I missed that sign!
We decided that the turn we needed was probably just this side of the construction, and started down the road - got to a barrier across the road before the road to the campground. No room to turn either.

I got out and walked up to see the construction. Yup, another bridge completely gone. There was the road we needed; just beyond the construction.

Back at the truck, I surveyed the surroundings. No room on road to turn 50 feet of truck & trailer, but the house beside us had a circular driveway. I took off my "gangster" sunglasses, and knocked at the door. After a few minutes, a lady came to the door, and I asked about the campground - sure enough, it was just a bit down the road we could see but couldn't reach. She did give me directions to get there however, and then I asked for permission to turn in her drive.

Autumn Lakes Campground
Her directions were good, and we got to the campground. The campground manager was glad to see us, for she had received my e-mail inquiries late and thought we probably went elsewhere. When I commented on the closed road, bridge out, and GPS confusion, guess what she said - "You can't rely on those stupid things in rural Ohio; here's how the locals get here.

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