Monday, July 11, 2011

Driving Music

Jasper Helping Blog
I can't drive quite as long and far as I used to be able to, but I still really enjoy driving. Put me behind the wheel and point me in the right direction and I will settle into a comfortable routine and put a lot of miles on the vehicle. I do however have to have appropriate "Driving" music.

Originally I used to have to play with the radio to find suitable radio stations, but CDs changed that and a case full of CDs could provide hours of good driving music. The IPod has however completely changed music in the car. I have 2300 songs on my  IPod Shuffle sorted into almost 100 different playlists. I can pick a type of music for any occasion. My "Blues" playlist has over 1100 songs and has gotten all the way from Halifax to Ottawa without repeating.

This morning as we head towards Texas, I have my "County Shuffle" playing. I realize that I should build a "Texas Blues" playlist, which would also work for this section of road.

I have a good "Rock & Roll" playlist that got me across the eastern states, the country music has some acoustic country and bluegrass (thanks Fred!) for through the Ozarks and Kentucky, and driving through Memphis last year with my "5 star Blues coming from the speakers just seemed right! I have a playlist called "Best Singles" built around a book called "The 100 Best Singles Ever Written" given to me by a friend who also appreciates good music (Thanks Jim). I even have a few playlists on the IPod for regis to play when she drives (piano music or Tom Jones) - gives me a chance to catch a bit of "shut-eye".

Mystic Oars
I also have a playlist entitled simply "Driving Music". Every song is about driving, cars, trucks, and trains. Somehow I just figured train songs belonged here. There are five versions of "Mustang Sally", three of "Hot Rod Lincoln", and two of "Racing in the Streets". Every time I find a song that fits, I add it to this playlist. If I'm not sure what type of music is appropriate to the day's drive, this playlist works. There are 150 songs currently in this playlist. I know reading this has got you thinking about your favorite "driving" song, but if it's about driving, or cars, I'll bet I have it in the playlist. E-mail me your favorite songs for the list?

I have The Beach Boys all ready for the drive up the California coast.


  1. I have lots of road music as well. I even have one CD for when I'm in the car alone ... it's one I can't resist singing along to, which is best done with no passengers.

  2. I love the pic of you writing the blog as Jasper looks on... he's looking like the editor :)

  3. If Jasper's the editor, he's going to have to tighten up his act or risk Regis (whose name was not capitalized in paragraph 4) skipping a few of his feedings!!!! (Not like my "friend's wife" to hold a grudge though.)
    Can't wait to hear some of the Texas Blues that'll you'll download onto your iPod. Always great music with Art at the wheel!!!!!