Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Fourth - Fireflies & Fireworks

We arrived in Hershey Pennsylvania on the American holiday, July 4th, and after visiting some of the attractions in Hershey, we came back to the campground to relax and wait for the firework display in the evening. We were told that the best place to see the fireworks was downtown at Hershey Park, but that they were visible from the hill just at the edge of the campground.

We went up early, just as the sun was setting, and as it got darker we could tell from the brighter lights on the horizon where downtown Hershey was, and we settled down to wait.

As the evening deepened we were suddenly surrounded by a mini fireworks display; the fireflies came out. They were everywhere, on the grass, in the trees, and up in th
e darkening skies.  I have seen fireflies before, but not in many years. Do these amazing insects occur in Nova Scotia or was it on one of my trips I experienced them previously? If it was Nova Scotia, what has happened to them?

Fireflies have an amazing impact of children. They do not seem to be able to stop chasing them, but of course they are not easy to catch. I'm sure it is built in defense system, but they seem to just stay lit long enough to be seen, but not long enough to be caught.

After they tired of chasing the elusive fireflies, the children played with glow sticks, and flashlights, and after a few false starts from neighborhood pyrotechnic experts, the sky over Hershey erupted in fireworks. We had a good view of them, and were presented with a good 30 minute show.

Hershey Highmeadow Campground
Regis and I can watch the local fireworks on Natal Day or Canada Day from the house, so we rarely miss them and have seen some impressive displays. These fireworks, probably sponsored by the Hershey company - his name seems to be on everything else, and has a reputation for supporting the community, were excellent. Other than the amazing fireworks in China, where they seem to set off incredible shows for almost any occasion, these were one of the best I have seen.

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  1. Art, fireflies still flit and flicker, in Nova Scotia. I've never seen them on the "mainland", but love to watch them in our yard in Margaree, every summer. This sounds like a perfect way tonexperience July 4 th in the good, old USA