Saturday, July 17, 2021

Signs of the Time . . . .

It has been tough for small business during the COVID-19 Pandemic and many have been forced to close. The ones that have managed to remain open have had to find ways to survive, some have transitioned to a different model or changed how they do things. As I walked around Toronto looking into the stores that are slowly working their way back to ‘normal’ one strategy I have seen is the use of unique and perhaps odd signs that make potential customers stop, notice and then maybe go in. Here are some of the examples I saw on my walks. 

This one I have seen previously and I am not really sure what the building is . . . I suspect some sort of bicycle shop or perhaps a bicycle ‘chop-shop’, but their exterior doesn’t even have a sign, just odd decoration.

Again, I am not sure what this shop, diner or service is because it is not in a language I recognize, but the use of recycled old lumber did catch my attention and make me stop to snap a picture. 

Now I certainly do know what the name of this shop is, but how many times do you need to say it. 

I do not know what their Apple Cake is like, but I do question the placing of the sign right above their garbage and recycling bins?

So, I think I should be safe to shop here with all the rules clearly posted outside the door. 

If I was in the market for some, I think this sign might make me choose this location over the competition.

Well, this is one way encourage people to get vaccinated . . . . .

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