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You might recall my post back in June 2018 about the dogs in Kejick where our daughter Alisha works as the school Principal. This post is about another Kejick dog. Alisha is definitely a ‘dog person’, she loves dogs and they love her. As well, she has turned into a bit of a ‘dog whisperer’, showing amazing ability to effectively train dogs. On one trip to visit her in Ottawa we found her dogsitting a little old dog called ‘Peanut’. After two weeks away, Peanut’s owners returned to collect their beloved pet, but were greeted by silence when they entered the apartment. “Oh my god, what happened to Peanut?” They exclaimed thinking he had expired because he always barked like mad when anyone came in the door. Alisha called him and explained that she did not allow that behaviour and had fixed it. I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks. 
Puppy Mochi & Bob

 Alisha found it hard to live among all the Kejick dogs without finding one she was so attracted to that she had to adopt him. This finally happened two years ago as the COVID pandemic hit. She met a little puppy and fell in love with him. He joined the household and has become part of the family. Bob the cat who was already #1 in the pet department was not pleased at first, but eventually whipped this new addition into shape and decided to accept him (He knew he had little choice I suspect). 

 His name is Mochi, and he looks like a lean German Shepherd, but like many of the dogs from the Reserve, he is probably part wolf. However, there is nothing wild about him, he has turned into a kind, gentle, well behaved fellow, and I finally got to meet him on this visit to Ontario. Of course I watched him grow up via Pandemic Sunday Dinner video chats every week, but it was nice to finally get to meet this newest member of the family. I had become friends with Bob the cat during our two visits to Kejick and I think Mochi has approved me as family as well. 
Mochi looking His Best!

 Alisha has done an amazing job training this canine friend. He is so well behaved, and comes instantly when called and follows commands perfectly. Although he will briefly bark at strangers, once he meets you he is calm, friendly and affectionate . He even accepted the indignity and embarrassment of having to wear booties when visiting Ryan and Ben to protect their new hardwood floors. Alisha and Derek bought a boat soon after Mochi arrived and she insisted he learn to be comfortable on the boat, so it has become an activity he really enjoys. He was with us on the Trip through the Trent-Severn locks and was perfectly behaved except for one time he found he was in the boat and Alisha was on the shore watching us through the lock; he worried and fussed about not being with her and Derek said “Yea, he does that for her, but doesn’t much care if I’m not right there.”. He is very definitely “her” dog. 

All Dressed up!

 Every time I saw this dog via video I knew I wanted to meet him and now that I have, I am even more impressed with him. Of course I think it helps that he seems to really like me as well.
Mochi Guiding the Boat

Mochi & Friends at home In Kejick

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