Friday, March 18, 2022

Condo Sitting in Toronto

Here we are off on another trip, this one still limited by the COVID-19 situation, so we are just visiting Toronto, taking advantage of our son’s vacant condo (He is working in Europe for a month), so we flew up to “look after” the place for him. It was the last we could do . . . .

Not a bad spot to spend a month.

Normally on any trip, even one to a city we have gotten to know quite well, we would be planing visits to attractions and scoping out new and exciting restaurants to try, but COVID cautions will limit what we will do for our time here. It is however just nice to get away for a change of scenery. We plan to continue our walking routine, and since we were getting a bit bored with our walks in Dartmouth, it is nice to have different areas to explore and interesting things to see. 

After a snowy and foggy welcome from the city of Toronto, St. Patricks Day promised sunshine and record high temperatures, so we decided to head out on a walk through the area around the Condo. 

One of the first things I noticed is that way more people wear masks in Toronto than back home in Dartmouth. The Majority of people either have masks on or hanging around their neck ready to be pulled it up when needed. I think the pandemic hit Toronto so hard during the first wave that many people in the city are way more careful; they realize how serious this is and are taking precautions more seriously. 

As with any of my walking adventures, I am always on the lookout for interesting things to photograph. A house with an urban forest in front of it on a major street downtown, some interesting doors and the ongoing upward building boom in the city. As usual, I always find interesting old houses. Here are a few pictures from my first walk in Toronto. 

A beautiful antique wooden door

How many different shapes and styles in one house!

Toronto skyline from the balcony

Always building higher and higher

And more colourful doors

A mini-forest in downtown (With a house hidden in it)

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