Monday, March 12, 2012

A Town that runs on Service

Las Vegas is a town that runs on service. People go there to have fun, and the city is built around finding as many ways to have fun as possible. In just one of the many guides available I found:

     - you want big production shows, there’s  14 of them.

     - you want comedy, you have 16 choices.

     - you want magic, 11 different shows.

     - there are 14 concert and tribute shows.

     - into the more ’adult’ entertainment, you can choose from 14.

Everyone wants to get you into their show, restaurant, hotel or casino, and there is lots of competition, all within reasonable walking distance.

As a result, providing good service is important, and we have been amazed at the level of service we have found. Everyone was friendly, cheerful, knowledgeable, and helpful. Every person waiting on us was excellent. They were all so pleasant, and seemed to be genuinely happy to be waiting on us. It really was very nice service every time.

We were walking around the Luxor, and decided to stop form a drink at the Starbucks. I bought a bottled pop, and asked if I could have a plastic glass so we could share it. “Would you like me to put ice in the glass for you?” I was asked. And then I was offered a top for the glass. And, this was all with a smile.

I came out from the room yesterday, and someone had trashed the lobby area outside our room. Tables were turned over and chairs were all thrown around; obviously someone was upset about their losings, or perhaps the amount of shopping bags that came back after they were losing money. Someone was mad. I stopped a hotel staff wearing an extensive tool belt, and he said he would go right up to look at it. Then later in the evening, the same staff member was walking by, and he stopped and thanked me again. Now that is service with a smile!

The wait staff in restaurants have been amazing, I really have never had service like we have had here in Las Vegas. Now, we are certainly paying for service, but that is not always the case. I have often had bad service at premium prices, but not in Vegas . . . .

Let's hope it continues . . .

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