Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dress For Success - Las Vegas

Go For the Fashionable ones

We went to a show called “Las Vegas, The Show”, and the MC commented on how the dress code of Vegas has changed, and he missed the suits, tuxedos, and formal wear. Walking around the strip after dark you can’t help but notice that he certainly has a point.

There is a definite gender inequality in dressing for an evening out in Las Vegas. I brought my nice linen suit, but it hasn’t left the closet. It seems acceptable for men to wear whatever you want, but definitely it is not necessary for the male in Las Vegas to get dressed up. Jeans & a T-shirt, shorts, sweat pants & shirt, all good. If you feel you want to “dress up” a bit, wear a button shirt. What ever you do, do not wear a suit; everyone will think you work at the casino, or are one of the “condo salesmen”.

Now the Las Vegas female  can wear jeans & t-shirt, but she will definitely be underdressed by Las Vegas standards. If you want to be noticed here, you need to bring, those outfits you thought you’d never wear. My careful observations (made from behind my mirrored ’gangsta’ sunglasses so Regis didn’t notice) is as follows;

Shoes - HIGH! The heels can’t be too high. Those platform shoes you thought you’d never have to wobble around on again, they’ll fit right in here. Don’t worry if you gave them to a charity, every shoe store in Vegas has plenty of outrageous styles that you can take home and never wear again.

Go for the comfortable ones!
Dresses - The rule seems to be that you take your dress size and subtract 2 sizes. Everything has to fit so that every curve is clear. Don’t worry about body type; the size 4’s dress exactly like the size 24’s. I saw three very large girls dressed in skin-tight thigh-high dresses, and 6" heels, laughing and having the time of their lives. My first reaction was OMG!, but then I thought, ’They are having fun and enjoying themselves under the ’what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ principle, so good for them!

Skirt length - Simple, there is no such thing as too short, seriously. The same thing goes for shorts.

The general principle seems to be that if a female wants to get noticed in Las Vegas, you have to go to fashion extremes. The wilder the outfit the better.

You get the picture, well actually I’m afraid I don’t have any really good pictures for this post, Regis might have caught me doing that . . .

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