Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Doing the "Buffet"

The Excalibur Casino
The food in Las Vegas is fabulous! It is expensive, but very good. We have yet to find meal that we did not enjoy. However, when you are here for 14 days, meals add up, so we were happy to take advice from my niece who visited Las Vegas in the summer, and was on an even tighter budget than we are. One of her recommendations was the buffet at the Luxor, and we discovered they had a special “all day - two hotel” deal; breakfast, lunch and supper for less than you would normally spend on just supper.

We just got back from breakfast, and I certainly got a lesson in how to maximize your “buffet experience”.

Sitting across from us was a table of six “middle-aging” ladies. Do you know the expression “dressed to the nines” . . . Well they were working on ten? I always thought leopards and zebras were natural enemies. These ladies made them work together; leopard jacket and zebra handbag. They all had enough “bling” on to short out any metal detector, their hair was tossed & flossed to perfection, and their eye shadow looked installed by roller. And . . . They all had huge “designer” handbags. No husbands in sight, so this was either a “ladies holiday”, or the men were busy losing some money already this morning.
Or all you can carry away.

I noticed one of them return to the table with a full sized dinner plate piled with sweets, then another sat down with the same sized helping. Ok, I admit it, I’m nosy, this peeked my interest. I could feel a blog coming on . . .

I found out what the “designer” bags were for. The bags opened, zip lock plastic bags were extracted, and the plates of sweets disappeared. They didn’t eat one; the entire plateful went into the purse. Another of the party then returned with four bananas. Yup, into the purse wrapped in napkins. Then, back to the buffet for more. Into the handbag. All six women loaded their bags with food. One then picked up the bowl of little cream packets, and half of that disappeared. They were not even being secretive about it; it looked like they thought this was perfectly acceptable.

When they were finally ready to leave, I saw one slip the waiter they had all been flirting with two dollars; it must have been her turn to tip. . . .

So that was my lesson in buffet dining.


  1. Alrighty! NOW I know how to eat for cheap! Viva Las Vegas!

  2. Keep your eyes open for a nice roomy zebra bag! Hey, I could have loaned you my zebra backpack!! LOL

  3. its really funny !! but interesting. :D LOL!!

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