Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Walking in the River

Today, we drove out of town for another adventure in the British Columbia outdoors, this one to the Trent River, but rather than taking a trail that followed the river, this time we actually walked in the river. This trail was not an established, well maintained trail, there was a narrow twisting trail that led quickly down to the river bed and then we walked directly along he edge of the river or in the river itself. 

The Trent River runs through a deep river gorge but the river itself runs over the bedrocks and is shallow enough that you can actually walk back and forth across the river on rocks or high points in the river bed. Although I was lent a pair of “water shoes”, I did not have to actually use them until late in the walk; I was usually able to find ways to jump from dry spots to dry spots without wetting my sneakers. There were areas where the river bank was too steep too rocky or too slippery, but then you just found a path across the river to the opposite bank. 

Apparently the eroded banks of the river contain many prehistoric fossils and the area is popular with fossil hunters and my sister located a couple to show us, but we mostly just enjoyed the hike in the river. 

I suspect that with heavy rain or in the early spring this hike might not be possible due to higher water levels, but on this day, it was a very pleasant walk along the river. 

Walking in the river

Riverbank Ferns

Flowers along the river

Lots of rocks

An old rusted water pipe

Walking in the river

OK, now where did this engine & transmission come from?

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  1. The Trent is one of my favorite places to go in the summer. Usually you have to wait till August before you can walk on the actual riverbed, but this year it's been quite dry. We were in luck.