Friday, June 30, 2023

Old Cars & Trucks

An old tow truck

I like finding old cars and trucks that have been abandoned and left to rust back into the earth. When I find these old “diamonds in the rust” I like to  photograph them for posterity. On my computer, I have over 700 photos of old cars and trucks, and although a lot of them are cars from car shows and gatherings, there are many rusted relics I have found in fields and forests. 

On the train trip across the country, it was interesting to see the old vehicles along the way, especially across the prairies. Many of the vehicles I saw had been parked in the “back 40” out of sight from the highways and byways, but the train often crosses the out of the way sections of the farms. Even as we passed through towns and cities the old cars and trucks were parked behind businesses and homes next to the train tracks. I recall as a very young boy watching my grandfather (Schnare) sawing firewood using his old 1930’s sedan which had been relegated to the back of the house beside the train tracks with a saw blade attached to the drive wheel, and walking the Rails to Trails there I still see an old car frame hiding in the trees. 

A hidden beauty!

The other day as we drove back to my daughter’s house from Sioux Lookout, I spotted an old turquoise hulk hiding in the weeds behind a deserted garage. I had earlier found an old tow truck at a working garage, but this looked like a real find. “Stop” I said “Photo App!”. The faded “No Trespassing” sign was mostly on the deserted property next door, so I went along beside the old garage to have a look. I think it is a 58 Chevy, a backwards step from the beautiful 55, 56 & 57 models in my opinion, but still an interesting find. The car looked mostly intact except for a lot of missing chrome, but there hidden behind the garage and alongside a more modern (Boring) truck was a very rusty GMC from the 50’s. Certainly glad I was looking out for old cars!

So I have a few more photos to add to my collection. 

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