Friday, December 28, 2018

On-Line in Costa Rica

All "geared" up and ready to go
 It is pleasant quiet and relaxing at the villa here in Costa Rica, and the four “Older” folks were enjoying doing very little except enjoying being here in the tropics, but once the youngsters, Aisha and Derek arrived, they insisted on adding some adventure to the vacation. They suggested ATVs, waterfall climbing, Para-gliding, catamaran snorkelling, or zip-lining. When we discovered a Rainforest Adventure park on the road up the mountain, and when we met the delightful girl at he front gate we were sold and we elected to try the zip-lines. We tried to go on Boxing Day but they were completely booked up, so we reserved a spot for the following day at 7:30.

Our initial positive impression with the front gate girl continued inside where everyone was friendly cheerful and very professional. This place was obviously well managed and very safe. All the equipment was first class, and in perfect condition, so any nagging concerns were quickly gone.
The first time!

Everyone was strapped into a safety harness, adjusted for comfort, and fitted with a helmet and gloves. We were told that they insisted on closed toe shoes and long pants were suggested, although we seemed to be the only ones who followed the long-pants suggestions and there were a lot of shorts worn by other groups. We were given a quick lesson on how everything worked and were told that we actually did not have to do anything – just enjoy the ride.

Even the gondola ride up to the first platform was enjoyable with excellent commentary from the guide on the vegetation and some history and facts about Costa Rica.

On reaching the first platform, we were given another quick instruction on safety and how to make the ride the most enjoyable. You are then clipped onto two thick cables and told to sit down allowing
The view from the zip line
the harness to take your weight. You then hold onto your straps and jump or push off. You cross you ankles lean back and zip along the line to the next platform. There is someone there to guide you to a stop and they have a braking system that slows you down safely. The higher you raise your feet and lean back the faster you go. You do not have to even hang on, and I quickly got comfortable enough to go with one hand. You work your way down the mountain from platform to another with a total of 10 platforms and lines, some a long as 1000 ft and one was steeper and much faster.

After doing the first line, you feel completely safe and comfortable. It is not at all scary, just a really fun ride. The only thing that can happen is if you do not go fast enough, you stop before reaching the platform and someone haas to pull you in, but none of the six of us had that happen, but we did see one fellow have to be pulled in.

Zip-lining in the mountains of Costa Rica was definitely a great experience.
Nolan coming in for a landing!

Regis "Zipping" along

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