Tuesday, December 18, 2018

At The Villa

To the villa
Ok, I did complain about trying to find our house where we would be staying for a month here in Costa Rica. However, once we actually found it and had a look around, it is going to be pretty pleasant.

The place is huge, and there are three bedrooms each with an on-suite. The kitchen is large with a nice island and then there is a large living room. Strangely, there is no dining room and the island has no overhang so the chairs around the island are not comfortable. Oh well I guess we will have eat outside.

The outside is however the real plus of this villa. Out front, overlooking the valley and the mountains, is a large wrap around terrace with lots of chairs to sit and enjoy the view. As you sit there, you can hear a waterfall somewhere below us and and the birds provide a constant tropical symphony. At the end of the terrace is the pool and whirlpool ideally situated so that it gets sunshine almost all day. Beyond the pool is a large covered concrete Gazebo containing a kitchen with a barbecue , sink and even a dishwasher. A building at the end of the kitchen area contains a storage
room, a bathroom and utility room for the pool.

I have taken some pictures of the house, and it would have been nice to have a general shot of the front, but literally that is impossible because it is sitting on such a steep incline that you cannot actually see the house from the road that runs below us.

The view from the terrace is spectacular, with rainforest covered mountains all around and the Pacific Ocean viable through the gap in the mountains. In the morning the ocean is a mist shrouded mystery, but as the day heats up distant mountains, vessels and shorelines appear.

There is not another house or building visible anywhere around us. Although there are other villas on the dirt donkey track they call the road, nothing can be seen from the house until you go out to the road or the edge of the hillside. At night, there are lights from a village way down the valley, but nothing around the villa. We have no internet and my cell phone reports “No Service”, so we are pretty isolated. Since we have been here there has not been another car go by on the road, although ATVs, which seem to be the best means of transportation do go by occasionally.
The Pool

I think I might be able to relax here for a while.

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  1. This looks wonderful, Art! All you need is a drone to take a picture of the front of the house ... I'm surprised you haven't got one!