Friday, March 9, 2018

Sick in Cairo

Recovering in Cairo

Nothing is worse than getting sick on vacation. I have been bragging about how I haven't gotten sick in SO long, but I managed to do it on this trip. It started out as a cough, and a slight fever in Toronto, but I took it easy and laid low for a couple of days, so I thought I had it in check. I wasn't that great on the ten hour flight to Cairo, but I figured doing nothing but sit for that long might just help the recovery.

Nope, really got it worse when I got here, I thought at first it was just a cold, but pretty sure it was the flu; fever, chills, coughing, no appetite, just feeling miserable. After the first day, I gave up and went to bed.

Regis still got to have fun
Fortunately, I could not have chosen a better place to get sick. It is warm and comfortable, and our friend we are visiting here is “super nurse”. She got out her stethoscope, thermometer and blood pressure checker and quickly diagnosed the flu. I was sent off to quarantine (Actually a comfortable bedroom), and told to drink lots of water. She had a special tea concoction of green tea, honey and ginger, and picked up some Egyptian cough syrup. Next she found some actual flu medication, and after a consult with her doctor put me on some antibiotics. Apparently the doctor did not need to see me, her word and descriptions of my symptoms was good enough although he was willing to see me if needed.

I believe I am on the mend, after two days in bed I am ready to get down to serious recovery out by the pool in the wonderful 30° temperatures here in Cairo. Wine is suggested for flu recovery isn't it?


  1. Looks, to me, that you are in good hands. ����‍⚕️

  2. I am pretty sure that wine is an accompaniment to all remedies, no matter WHAT the ailment ... no?