Saturday, March 17, 2018

Drinks with Agatha

A Grand Old Hotel

Agatha Christie wrote her famous novel “Death On The Nile” in Aswan, Egypt, while staying at the Old Cataract Hotel. Since we had a few hours before a flight back to Cairo, Regis insisted we have the “experience”. Of course she claimed it was because “I should have the experience since I had read all of Agatha Christie's books”, but I think she really wanted to do it. Friends we met on the cruise had told us it was a great experience even though he was reluctantly allowed in with sneakers and without a collared shirt; “We will lend you a jacket . . . .”

First problem was getting there. You mention you want to go to the Old Cataract” and the EP 20 cab ride was suddenly EP 200, so it took some hard negotiating to get the price down where it should have been. Once we found a driver happy to take us there he even insisted on waiting for us and taking us back for EP 45, so it all worked out.
Welcome to the Old Cataract

We arrived and asked for a table for coffee , but were told there was nothing available until 10:00. Once we said that would not work and they realized we really were interested, “His Colleague” would figure it out. Obviously, they want to discourage folks just wanting to look, but don't really want to send away paying customers, so we were offered a seat on the terrace for drinks. Although it was only 9:30, we decided that was ok, after all a Bloody Mary is sort of breakfast isn't it? I recall in Las Vegas that was a normal breakfast . . . .

After our drinks we were actually encouraged to explore the gardens and the lovely grounds. We walked around snapping a few pictures trying to look like we belonged. It really was a beautiful hotel with the original old hotel from Agatha Christie's time combined with a more modern section. I can understand how Ms Christie could relax here and write a best seller.

Drinks on the Terrace

The Lobby

The View From the Terrace

Exploring the Gardens

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