Sunday, March 20, 2016

Living in Lecce

Living Area
Well I must admit that my “travel advisor” did a good job this time. This apartment in Lecce is without the doubt the nicest we have had, and we have had some good ones. 

Guest Room
It is huge and everywhere you look there is storage and shelves. It is decorated with an odd mix of antique furniture and modern touches. We have a foyer that is bigger than a Japanese hotel room and you do not use it. Our bedroom is huge, has a king size bed that is very comfortable, and has a large closet. There are two bedrooms and both have an on-suite. the guest room is actually down a half set of stairs, so it has a feeling of privacy. 
Master Bedroom

The kitchen is a bit of a disappointment, as we intend to do a lot of our own cooking. It is small and not well equipped with little things although has a good stove, oven and fridge. It will work, but we have had to ask for simple things like a plug for the sink and pot-holders. They have promised to find things we need however. 

View from Roof
There is a very large private terrace right off the living area where we have already been able to eat breakfast there the first day. The sun is on it most of the day. We also have access to the hotel terrace which is the entire rooftop and has many little sitting areas and is covered with interesting plants.  So far I have never seen anyone up there; although it is lovely and warm for us Canadians, they Europeans are still wearing winter coats gloves and scarfs. 

The only thing really missing is a view. We can see all over the city from the roof, but it is just other rooftops as far as you can see. Our other apartments have had a view of the sea or a river. This is the first time we have not been able to look out to see water - must be the maritimer in us . . . .
Breakfast on the Terrace


  1. Whaaaat?!?!? No water? Time to move!

  2. It is a bit different - that is why we did not invite you & Pete; Knew you'd complain . . .