Monday, March 21, 2016

About Lecce, Italy

The Streets of Lecce
Street From The Roof
We are staying in a city called Lecce. It is one of the most important cities in the southern part of Italy. Dubbed the "Florence" of the south, it houses a lot of the bureaucracy and administration for the Puglia region. It has been an important city for over 2000 years, and it's location in the south meant that it was often attacked by invaders. In the early 16th century the city was fortified and a wall erected around the entire city. These walls still define the old section of the city.

Our apartment for the month is almost right in the middle of this old section. As a result, all the streets are narrow and the widest ones are really only one lane wide. They do allow vehicles in the old city, but they must compete with pedestrian traffic. Many streets are too narrow for any car to use. The buildings are all old and most are only a two stories (well three really because in Europe they call the ground floor "0"). Of course the churches are all taller, and looking out over the city they poke their bell towers above everything else.
The Church is Tallest

Cars, Bicycles, People & Statues
Fortunately, our apartment is on an almost straight street, and we have been able to find our way around by staying on this road, but when you wander off the main streets, it is easy to get confused as the streets go in all directions, turn around and double back. I am slowly exploring and finding my way around.

Now you know a little about Lecce, Italy.

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