Thursday, September 12, 2013

West Coast Autumn

Sunny, HOT, Vancouver

This trip was a difficult one to pack for. We had to pack 'wedding appropriate' clothes for Calgary, and anyone I spoke to with 'Calgary' experience, said the temperature could be anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees, and that range could happen all on the same day. We therefore had to plan for some cool weather, but we were then working our way to Vancouver, and ultimately to the hot steaming tropics in Panama. And I have no idea what to expect for Kansas City in October?

As it happened, autumn didn't happen. We arrived in Calgary to sunshine and 27 degrees, and stayed reasonably warm. We then flew to Vancouver. The temperatures were 30. It looks like shorts and t-shirts will be the dress code for a while.

We had an absolutely beautiful day to explore Pitt Meadows B.C. The friends we were staying with here both had to work the day after we arrived (I guess someone has to keep the Canadian economy going to support us retired folk), so we were on our own. They did however suggest a walk along the Fraser River. This proved to be a wonderful walk, although we did have to check the signs as we were worried that dog ownership was a requirement on these trails. I think everyone we met had at least one dog (one girl had seven - dog walker I hope). The city maintains over 20 km of trails along the river and through town. In the 30 degree heat, we particularly enjoyed the walk along the river through the forested riverside, the large cedars providing shade and cooling the trails off nicely. We did however have to return to their house along a path through a field where the cloudless sky and brilliant sun made us more than ready for a cold drink when we got back.

It looks like we should be OK not having many cool weather clothes.

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