Sunday, September 8, 2013

Beer with the Brats

OK, now right off the bat, they are not really brats, it just made a cooler title.

Beer & Pizza at Beer Revolution
When we knew we were coming to Calgary, we discovered that we knew a fair number of people in this city. Alisha's friend Josh lives there now, my brother's son Andrew and his girlfriend has just moved there for Law School, My friend Jim's daughter and her boyfriend are both teachers in Calgary and Ryan's friend Andrew now lives there. Of course that does not include Natalie & Frank who's wedding we were coming to celebrate, or my friend Gordon (Who I lived with in China) & his family. We were staying with Gordon and using one of his vehicles, and we were attending two official wedding functions with Natalie & Frank, so we had these folk pretty well covered, but we sort of wanted to attempt to see the others somehow during our limited time in Calgary.

The problem was that we were only spending five days in Calgary, and two of those days were booked with wedding functions planned, and I knew that Gordon would want to show me some of his home town, so there wasn't that much time to visit the other people.

Josh doing a "Tasting"
We finally figured that we had a little time on Sunday that we could try to fit some “non-wedding” visits in. That didn't give us much time, and it was hard to decide who to visit and who to leave out. Recalling a very pleasant visit to Craft restaurant & beer pub with Natalie & Frank during our last visit to Calgary we decided to find a pleasant purveyor of brew & food and tell all our friends that we would be there at a particular time on Sunday and see who showed up. We enlisted Josh's help as I consider him a bit of an expert on anything beer related and asked him to scout out the Calgary beer scene to find us a good location for this event. He had picked a wonderful spot in Vancouver during another trip so we trusted his advice completely, and he quickly came back with a couple of choices. We looked into his ideas, and chose a place called Beer Revolution, which not only seemed to have a wonderful selection of beer but also provide a good food menu. The internet reviews were good, and the location was nice and central, so we decided.
Really good Pizza

We put no pressure on anyone, (but we did have a suitcase full of 'stuff' from home for Andrew, so we figured he might show up at least to get his suitcase), but we knew we'd have a good lunch anyway. As it worked out, we had three of the young folk show up, and Gordon came along as a guide to make sure the GPS got us to Beer Revolution without problem, so we had a wonderful time. Good conversation, catching up on what everyone was doing, their plans, our travels, and discussing Calgary and all it has to offer.

Oh, the beer was excellent and they serve absolutely amazing pizza!

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