Friday, April 26, 2024

Cherry Blossoms Again

On a previous visit to Toronto, when we were simply visitors we went to see the Cherry Blossoms in High Park. This year, when we have moved into the actual “resident” category, we decided to go visit the cherry blossoms again. 

With a very mild winter here in Toronto, there was news that the blossoms were arriving early, so our trip to Nova Scotia in April caused worry that we might miss them. We planned to go the day after we got back to the city and a news story appeared abut a “Cherry Blossom” blizzard caused by high wind, which actually made driving difficult in the area. I was worried that blossoms would all be on the ground in snow drift like piles, but all was good and the blossoms were actually as good as the first time we enjoyed them. So, I am not sure where that “blossom blizzard” was?

Without the time crunch of fitting things into a short trip to Toronto, we were able to go down to High Park on a weekday to avoid the usual crowds the Cherry Blossom festival weekends brings. It was nice to be able to walk the roads and trails with only a few people this year, and the cherry trees were mostly free from parties and crowds, so we could take some nice pictures. An added bonus with the smaller crowds was that the water fowl in the lake were not scared off by the crowds and swans, ducks, Canada geese, and herons were still here posing for their photographs. This year we took a slightly different route through the park and discovered the park zoo as well, so got to see llamas, bison, sheep, highland cattle and a few hundred school children. 

Our second Cherry Blossom day was another pleasant outing here in the city of Toronto. If you are ever in Toronto during Cherry blossom season, I highly recommend a trip to High Park to see the blossoms yourself.