Saturday, March 9, 2024

Murdock Mysteries Live

Since the days of ‘Silent Movies’ ended, there is usually a soundtrack behind the video story in movies and TV shows. Sometimes these soundtracks actually become hits in themselves and often have big name music stars singing and performing in the background. But . . . have you ever wondered how these soundtracks are planned and performed?

We got a chance to see exactly how one of these soundtracks was made. We had an opportunity to go to Roy Thompson Hall to preview an episode of the Canadian TV hit show Murdock Mysteries and see how the soundtrack for the show was written and performed by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. 

The Concert Program

The concert was held in the Roy Thompson Hall which is the spectacular home of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. It is a huge beautiful concert hall designed to provide a comfortable venue to enjoy the music. 

The concert started with music from the show played by the orchestra, and then Robert Carli, the composer, Yannick Bisson (Detective Murdock) and Thomas Craig (Inspector Brackenreid), spent the first hour explaining how the music is written to go with the TV Show. Scenes from an episode of the show were shown without sound and then how particular music was written to enhance the action of the show. You do not really notice the music in the background when you are watching the action on the screen, but when you compare the silent and musical versions the value of the music is obvious. In addition the composer introduced some other music pieces that contained mysterious sections. I did not know that composers sometimes composed pieces which hid their names in the scores. 

Roy Thompson Hall

After an intermission the concert turned to a screening of a new episode of Murdock Mysteries especially written for the concert with a musical theme. As the show was projected onto a huge screen, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra played the soundtrack live behind the screen. I will admit that I have never been a fan of the show, and often when Regis wanted to watch an episode I’d respond with “That’s fine, I will be able to fall asleep for a nap.”, but this time I managed enjoy the entire episode. 

Apparently the episode of Murdock Mysteries, entitled “Rhapsody in Blood” will be shown on Monday Night, March 11th, 2024, so be sure to watch it and listen to the soundtrack behind the mystery. I’ve already seen it, so there will be no “spoilers” from me.

There's Regis waiting for the show to start

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