Sunday, January 21, 2024

High Rise Scavenger Hunt

Our view from the condo at night

Our condo here in Toronto is on the 9th floor, so we have a nice view out over the city, and Regis likes the fact that she can check the colour of the CN tower every night. There are a few trees to be seen, but the view is mostly of other high rises around our building. I know that some of our country cousins and friends might think that other high rise buildings are no real view at all, but I quite enjoy this view. When our son bought this condo one of the features of the building was that although it is not down on the waterfront, there was a distant view of lake Ontario between two buildings. That slight water view has since disappeared with a new building which has completely blocked the lake from our view, but I have enjoyed watching the new building grow higher and higher; I think they added five floors while we were enjoying Christmas in Nova Scotia. 
No Lake in Sight

It is interesting to look out at the buildings around us and speculate on what is going on in them. There is one apartment/condo that has two bright lights that come on every day at 6:00 AM sharp and go out at 11:00 PM. They must be on a timer, as they never vary, so we have taken to calling it the “Grow Opp”. Then there is the apartment where the lights never go out; the lights are on 24 hours a day and I have never noticed anyone moving around even though the blinds are never down. One apartment the we can see from our bedroom had a multicoloured light that cycled through the colours constantly all night long; who could live in this multicoloured world all the time? 

The "grow opp" 

On the 9th floor, we can see all these buildings around us but not the streets that are situated on, so the other day we set out on a scavenger hunt to actually find the building we were watching all the time. There is a building right next to us that is part of the same complex we live in and a tall modern tower that we walk by when ever we go out, but there were also four building a few blocks away that we wanted to go find. 

So on a cold Toronto day when we did not have any big city attractions to go find,

The CN Tower

a nice walk around the neighbourhood to locate the buildings we look out on every day was a pleasant activity. 

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