Sunday, August 4, 2019

Bragging on Braga

People Watching in Braga

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had no input into the planning of this trip, I was going, and I was not complaining, but I must admit that towards the end I did have a general itinerary. I knew we were going to Cascais on our own for a week, then to Braga for two days before we met up with the children in Porto for a few days followed by a few days in Lisbon before flying home.

I knew something of Cascais because friends had been there, and the week spent exploring this town was really good, so as promised, no complaints. Regis had decided that a week in Cascais was adequate but the children were not arriving for two more days, so she added a town in the north of the country to the trip. This town is Braga. She chose it simply because it sounded interesting. It was bit of a challenge getting here, since we had to return to Lisbon, find our way to a different train station and journey north for three hours.
One of the Braga Locals

Everything worked out perfectly, and we arrived here and found the rental apartment without much difficulty. It is a cute little apartment up 61 stairs to the fourth floor and situated on one of the many town squares here. Once we got settled, we set out to explore the town a bit. It really is a lovely little town with some amazing architecture, and lots of old churches, cathedrals and castle-like buildings. It also seems to have open spaces and squares every few blocks. A large section of the old town is pedestrian only, so it is an easy town to enjoy on foot. Although we have not spent a lot of time here yet, it seems a good size to explore easily while still having lots of interesting things to see.

Apparently Braga is the oldest city in Portugal, and was the first Christian city in the country. Originally a walled city the wall no longer exists at all, unlike the walled city of Lecce, Italy where we spent a month. Braga has become a modern city now with a busy university and a very young population.

I was impressed with Braga, it is a friendly city and has lots to see and do. It is easy to get around and very walking friendly. I am not going to be complaining about going to Braga at all; in fact I may end up bragging about it.

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