Monday, January 7, 2019

The Weather

Regis enjoying the sunshine

Regis and I are generally pretty positive travellers, and people ofter ask me which was a favourite place we visited. Generally we can find good things about most countries we have visited. Every country has aspects we really enjoyed. We loved the beaches in Australia, the narrowboat adventures in the UK, the scenery in Scotland, the food in Spain, the pubs in Chester, the architecture of Budapest, the vegetation in New Zealand, the history in Egypt, the culture differences in Japan and China, etc, etc.

Here in Costa Rica it is without a doubt the weather. It is downright boring! The country is close enough to the equator that the sun comes up at 6:00 am every day and sets at 5:30 every day; never varies . . . . boring. Before we go on a trip we search the internet for information on the ยบ C every month on average; no change throughout the year. As well they only have two seasons, a rainy one and a dry one. You might think it wise to avoid the rainy season, but apparently it only rains a couple hours every evening, and the moisture brings out the best in the plants and animals, so many people come because of the rainy season. Having seen the ruts and washouts on the road up the mountain, I do not think I'd want to be up here in the rainy season however – the road is treacherous as it is, I can imagine how much worse it must be when the dirt and dust we deal with turns to slippery slimy mud.
Another hot sunny day
weather and if you do this for Costa Rica it is boring, around 25

That has pretty much been our experience here. The day starts at 6:00 am with blue skies and sunshine. Often in the afternoon we get some scattered cloud, but it is convenient for Regis because it allows her to go in the pool without a thick layer of sunscreen. Sometimes the clouds seem to threaten rain, but other than a few sprinkles one day while we were driving it is mostly idle threats. The evenings are generally clear and sitting in the pool after dark, the stars are always amazingly clear.

I love Costa Rica's boring weather.

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  1. Aaaaah Arthur! It snowed overnight and then turned to ice pellets!! It's mild (0 degrees), but raining and very windy!!! HRCE is closed!!!! Please send us your "boring" weather!!!!!!