Thursday, October 4, 2018

Slow Travel allows for more Strollin'

Toronto Reference Library

This trip to Toronto was organized with no goals or expectations other than living in Ryan & Ben's nice Midtown Toronto condo while they were away in Spain. As a result, it has been a quiet relaxing trip where we get up each morning and after coffee and tea and an eventual breakfast, we decide what we want to do. What a great way to travel.
Pharmacy Building

Regis wanted to go to Chinatown for a dumpling lunch today. Ryan and Ben have taken us to a wonderful little basement restaurant called “Yummy Yummy Dumplings” which Ben claims makes the best Chinese dumplings, and he should know. I decided to work a few of my Toronto attractions from Shawn Micallef's “Stroll” book into todays outing.

Our first stop was the Toronto Reference Library. Pierre Burton researched many of his novels here and apparently, the inventors of the game Trivial Pursuits got most of their answers from the extensive stacks here. I did not stop to do any research, but I was impressed with the building. Built in 1977, it remains an active bustling place,and the design reminded me so much of Halifax's “New” library with its open airy central atrium. Although this building might look almost 40 years old from the outside, it is ageless inside. The building is well used with most tables and
The Narrowest Park
study areas full. I saw street people watching the news and students doing serious research as I explored the building. I was disappointed that unlike Halifax's new library, I was unable to go outside up on the upper floors to enjoy the views out over the city.

From the library, we wandered down Bloor St.; one of Toronto's major avenues and here you can find every major designer label's store, Gucci, Holt Renfrew, Brooks Brothers, Louis Vuitton, etc. etc. etc.

My goal was University Avenue and the thinnest park in Toronto. The Stroll book describes the median between the North and South traffic as an interesting walk. It really is a thin park, with benches, fountains, gardens and memorials to people I did not know, and you have be careful, because Toronto traffic zooms by on both sides, but, some people have figured out that it is a secluded if not quiet spot for lunch or just to be alone. It is not an easy walk however, because the median is intersected along the way by a few streets, and Toronto drivers are not “Walker Friendly”, so you sometimes have to cross to one side, then cross the intersection and then get back over to the median. I probably wouldn't have stuck it out except I wanted to experience it as described in the book, but it did make an interesting 'stroll'.

Along the way we stopped at the Pharmacy Building at the University of Toronto. This building was constructed with large spheres suspended inside the building used as lecture and study spaces. Although probably not the most effective use of “Space”, it was a really interesting building and I am
glad the Stroll book suggested we go there. Also interesting was the curved mirrored surfaces of the Hydro Building just a short distance away. As with any large city, Toronto always has another cool building to keep your architectural interest.

The Hydro Building
And yes, we managed to find Yummy Yummy Dumplings and their lunch offerings were as good as recommended.
Ridin with Dad!

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