Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Walking Around Oban

Oban Waterfront
You eating that fry?
Well, Scotland is full of surprises; a rainy day was forecast but we awoke to sunshine, so we set out after breakfast to explore the town of Oban.

First we wandered along the waterfront and out onto the piers. Oban is the terminal for ferries going to many of the islands offshore, and there is a steady stream of these ships large and small coming and going. Pretty slick to see the large ones come into the harbour, turn and slip into the berth sideways. We found a nice looking fresh fish shop where we plan to get fresh catch for dinner one day.  

Painting Oban's Crown
Selfie at McCaigs Tower
After a delicious fish & chip lunch we decided to climb up the hill to the McCaig’s Tower. High above our apartment this structure was a mysterious building that invited investigation. It looked from a distance like a miniature Roman coliseum. Climbing hundreds of stone steps and steep roads and pathways brought us to a circular wall with arched windows all the way around.  Reading a sign informed us that this structure served no other purpose but to provide work to unemployed stone masons by a wealthy resident, John Stuart McCaig of Oban. He originally intended it to include an art gallery and a monument as well as statues of him and his family, but none of these additions were finished. Now it is simply a magnificent crown to the town of Oban providing great views out over the harbour.
Oban Cottage

We then wandered back through town to locate groceries for today’s supper, and back to the apartment after a day wandering the town.

Oh, guess what, now that our haggis is in the oven, it’s raining again . . . . .

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