Sunday, July 23, 2017

Beach Mystery

A beautiful day at the beach
Here is a mystery for you . . . .

It has been windy the past few days here in Cape Breton, and although I am a five minute walk to the beach, I could hear the waved crashing on the shore all day yesterday. Early this morning I decided to walk down to the beach, and see what the wind and waves brought ashore. I did not find much washed onto the beach, but I did find a mystery.

Washing Ashore
Well above the high tide line sitting on a rock was a pair of pants and a jacket. I left them there as sometimes people are exploring like I was and will return, but after walking all the way down the beach I continued to be alone wandering the beach. Going back to the items, I thought I’d check for any ID, thinking I might be able to return the items. They were good quality items, “Clairbourn” or some other “designer” label. There was no real identification in either item, but there was a dry envelope (so they did not wash ashore . .) from Sprott School of Business, Carleton University. The front of the envelope had a hand written note in two different handwriting “for deposit – 70487106” and the name “Brian Peters”. On the back was a post-it note from smith&nephew with a list of things to do.
Left Behind

            Take cheques /deposit
            ?Pat Johnson
            De-caf coffee
            Dental plan?
Joe’s house

What a strange collection of tasks?

The Lost & Found Rock
A quick internet search did not turn up any likely “Brian Peters”, and “Smith & Nephew” is a medical research company and there was no Brian Peters associated with the site I could quickly see.

Now folk seem to routinely leave clothing items on this beach, and the locals seem to just bring found items out and lay them on a flat rock at the end of the path to the beach, hoping the owner returns to look for things. I have been here three weeks and the pair of women’s leopard pattern underwear that were there when I arrived are still on the rock, and a number of other items have been added.

You do have to wonder how this pair of pants and jacket got left on the beach. A few to many beer, or just forgetful after a day relaxing on the beach, but the mysterious envelope and odd list do make you wonder what went on?


  1. Brian Peters is CEO of MD Financial in Ottawa. They specialize in Financial Management for medical professionals. It all fits! I've solved your mystery! Shall I phone and see if he was vacationing in Cape Breton this summer? LOL

  2. There's also a Brian Peters who makes furniture ... who lives in Margaree. Guess he's also a possibility. There goes my theory on the CEO.