Friday, November 8, 2013

Back to Bangor

Bangor Riverfront
I have visited Bangor probably more than any other city in the US. I however knew very little about the city. I recall many many years ago actually walking around the downtown, but that was probably over 30 years ago. Since then, Bangor has become a convenient stop on the way to other US destinations. It is the city where route 9 from New Brunswick joins up with the I-95, and although we might stop for cheap US gas or a meal, usually we are usually eager to make some miles and time on the interstate on our way somewhere else.

Interesting old houses
The other reason to visit Bangor is cross-border shopping and it has become a yearly ritual to take Regis' Mother to Bangor so she can do her Christmas shopping. Regis' parents came here for years for a weeks visit to get maximum customs allowance, returning with the car crammed with Christmas gifts for everyone. Since her fathers death Regis and I have been taking her mom on this annual trip. I do the driving, Regis takes her shopping. We don't come to visit Bangor however, we come to visit the malls and discount stores.

Interesting buildings
This year I went back to actually visit Bangor. On the first day, we went to Paddy Murphy's Irish Pub for lunch (Excellent little pub BTW), and while waiting for my meal I picked up a book decorating the window well by our seat. It was an old historical book about the Architecture of Bangor. I was amazed at the buildings in this city. Many of them are still here. I decided to spend an afternoon to actually see the city while the girls were shopping.

Bangor is an interesting city. It is built where two rivers join, and there are many canals and waterways. The downtown area has retained many of the old buildings including the old Market area, and a walk up many of the streets leading away from the central area reveal some amazing old houses, with interesting windows and rooflines. There are many interesting little parks and the city has done an admirable job of building boardwalk along the waterways. Here are some pictures of the city.

I spent an interesting afternoon, although I have to admit I did do some shopping in some of the interesting little shops downtown. Next time you travel to the US, plan your trip so you can spend a little time in this city.

Market Square

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